18th July – día 16

ANITA wrote:

Ayer fue un día muy divertido, cocinamos cookies y fuimos a zumba para hacer un poco de ejercicio. Para acabar el día hicimos acampada en casa de Clare y esta mañana al despertarnos hacia tan buen día que emos ido a la playa para aprovechar el sol que hacía hoy.


camping in the back garden

en la playa en Irlanda!!

XABI wrote:

I’ve spent more than 2 weeks in Ireland so I think it’s time to write a summary about my stay here. I have been in different places with my Irish family and my Spaniard partners.
With my Irish family I’ve visited my Irish grandparent, saw Tom (my Irish brother) playing Gaelic football for Dublin once. We’ve also been in a big forest were a big castle was surrounded by football courts and shops. The other day, me and my Irish mother and little brother (George) visited a huge cliff with a lighthouse on it. My Irish father carried me to the typical fair that can be seen in loads of American and English films, there I found some Spaniard friends so I had a very good time.
Furthermore, I’ve been on two tours with my Spanish mates (one to the Tayto Park and another one to Dublin). The Tayto Park it’s a fun park and a zoo at the same time so we saw a lot of animals, but the animal that most impressed me was a huge chicken (surely, the biggest one I’ve ever seen). When we went to Dublin we visited a museum about the Vikings and took a lot of photos with the stuff that was in it


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