20 de julio-20th July


Al principio tenia bastante verguenza y la primera maniana no sabia si bajar o quedarme en la habitacion. Pero al dia siguiente, nada mas levantarme baje a la cocina a desayunar y despues preparamos parte de la comida Emma y yo.

Aunque a veces me cuesta hablar, cada vez les entiendo mejor en los dos dias que llevo aqui.


Hello!! this is my first entry on the blog. I know we are in the middle of the trip, but I have been very busy that I couldn’t write, sorry.
I’m going to tell you about some differents places I’ve visited.
Last week I was in Dublin. I think it’s a very beautiful city
This first picture is in the Custom House, which is situated near the river Liffey.
The first excursion was to play pitch and putt in Julianstown. It was good fun.
The second photograph is in the second excursion I did with the group of students. In that picture, I’m in the Newrange. We walked into the monument where the sun only shines twice a year, in the summer and winter solstas. It was gorgeous and different, so I liked it. Later, we went to Mellifont Abbey. The next picture is in this place.
A village that I’ve visited a lot is Drogheda. I was in the cathedral. Something that made a big impact was seeing Oliver Punet ‘s Head.  He is a saint. Here you have a picture of the altar in the cathedral.
Last Saturday it was the first time I baked cakes. The experiencie was brilliant!! I made chocolate muffins with my host family. The next day, we went to a Mullingar County Fair. There were a number of competitions from the best sheep, cow, dogs, chickens. Also best baking, craft, and flowers and vegetables.here you have two pictures about my day there.
Finally, today I’ve visited the Argillian Castle. here you can see another photograph of me.

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