24 de julio- 24th July

I’m going to tell you about my last four days here in Ireland. The first thing I have to say is that they have been brilliant!!
On Friday, it was Xabi’s birthday and we celebrated together in his host family’s house. They were all really nice with us and we had a great time. The party was fantastic! …and, I was lucky, because I could take a picture with the most handsome guy of the trip.
Later, I went with Natalia to The Lounge (a pub which is in Balbriggan). We met there with our host families, but they were late so we took advantage to take some photographs of us. The pictures were nice because the sun was setting in the late afternoon. 
The time in the pub was gorgeous because we saw a really good band. The singer was in The Voice of Ireland. The band is called Catch 22. Here you have a picture with the group. As you can see, we were lucky again ;).
Definitely, last Friday was a good day
On Sunday, I went to the Ring Commons field day. The community of Ring Commons raise money for the local children’s sports group. I was there with Natalia’s family and this was so funny because they have 3 little girls and I like children. In that picture you can realized that I was really happy with them at the fair. 
Furthermore, I participated in a game. You throw a ball at the red target and if you hit it the person drops into cold water. Here you can see that I was really good at it. Now you see the boy, now you don’t!!
Finally, yesterday we went to Dublinia (the Viking museum). It was very interesting and funny.  You can see that we were all really happy. Later, we went on the Viking Splash. It is a bus on the road that later changes to a boat. It was a nice experience.
 My main objective was to find a Viking, and I was lucky again because I found one.  
 Yesterday I went to the zoo with my family . We had a picnic and we walked around 4 hours, we had a great time, the zoo is very big and the animals are in good conditions. So that’s great. I want to stay more time, in spite of trying  I didn’t get away with it!

After that I went to Zumba with my » mother»and it was so funny!! Now I am very tired but my family do all the things for me!!! Ja, ja


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