25th June – primer día

Hoy era realmente el primer día, toca ir conociendo a la familia, a los nuevos amigos, e irnos adaptando a todo. Algunos aún con un poco de morriña, echando de menos a la familia, pero seguro que en unos días ya están como en casa.

Como siempre decimos la actitud es esencial.. aunque los primeros días sean un poco durillos, hay que ser positivos, apuntaros a todo lo que os propongan! Todo es nuevo y diferente pero eso no significa que no os vaya a gustar!

¡¡Esperamos que lo paséis bien y que aprovechéis el tiempo VIVIENDO en inglés!!

Y hoy Kevin nos ha contado como le ha ido hasta ahora:

Kevin wrote

Well, in this email I’m going to talk about my sunday.
I woke up late, at 11 o’clock because yesterday I were very tired. After I wake up, I had breakfast, What a breakfast!!! First I ate cereals with milk and then toast with butter, bacon and sausages, all was delicious!
Then I dressed up and I went with my irish mum to the supermarket to buy the dinner.
When we arrived at home, my irish mum went to the kitchen to make the dinner and I went to the living room to watch a serie in netflix, yes they have netflix! Of course I watch netflix in english and also I put english subtitles to understand more.
At 4 o’clock we had dinner, we ate chicken with vegetables and potatoes, I though that I wouldn’t like the vegetables, but no, I like it because we ate the vegetables with a special sauce. After the dinner we went to an ice cream shop, definitely the irish ice cream are better tia spanish ones. Then James, my irish brother, met with his friends and we went to the funtasia park, this park is like the place with games in itaroa, you can win tickets and also yo can get prizes with those tickets, but in funtasia park also you can win money, I won 1€.
At 9 o’clock James’ father pick up us, at home we saw a film in the living room and then we went to bed. In my opinion it was perfect day.
Ooh! Also during the day Lisa, my irish mum, told me all the plans that the prepared to me, we are going to go to the zoo, to the cinema, to football stadium and more incredible places.

Paula sent some pictures

We had a great time at Flavours of Fingal


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