30th June- raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs! Y no es que caigan gatos y perros pero no para de llover.

Este tiempo no nos deja disfrutar tanto como nos gustaría, nos obliga a estar más tiempo en casa y para nuestros chicos se hace un poco más cuesta arriba la estancia. Algunos han aprovechado para escribirnos y mandarnos unas fotos del parque de atracciones.

Irantzu wrote:

Hello, I’m Irantzu 
Today I had wake up and i had taken my breakfast quickly because we had to go to the tayto park. Then we take the bus and we had gone to the park. There i had been in a lot of atractions, after that we had seen the animals and we had eat. At 6 o clock we return home. I had taken a shower and i took my dinner. Then i had been with katie’s frends


Soraya wrote:

Hi, i’m Soraya.

On Thursday we went to Tayto Park. I woke up at quarter to ten to be ready to take the bus. 
When we arrived there, the first ride my friends and I tried was the Cuchulainn coaster, the biggest ride in the whole park. It das exciting, and after that we went to different rides. 
At 12:00 I was hungry, so went to a machine to take a kitkat, but the machine didn’t work well, so we finally asked the stuff. Later we saw all the animal’s area, including the ice valley. 
At 14:00 more or less de had lunch and we went like 6 more times in the Cuchulainn trying to be taken a good picture to buy as a memory.
At 17:00 we left the Tayto Park (the stuff gave us Tayto crisps) and we arrived at 18;40 where all our irish families were waiting for us.
Although it spent the whole day raining, we had a good day all together.
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