7th August

Mañana toca día de deportes, seguiremos con los partidos de fútbol… a ver cuál de los 6 equipos gana la liguilla. ¡SUERTE A TODOS CHICOS!


This is not the first time, it’s my third month in Ireland, and the only thing I can say is that I’m enjoying this experience a lot, it could be hard at the beginning but when you get used to, is like your summer in Spain, the family is always working to give you the best time as posible, trips, games, lots of plans…. What I have been doing this week is incredible, for example just a few days ago we went to the beach to see an airplane show, also we have been going outside every single day «trying» to enjoy this weather. I can say that this year is being as good as the others, and I really feel that I am in summer, enjoying all the free time and having a great time, just like in Spain, without a doubt, I can say than this is being a very good experience.0807-miguelsagaseta2




MIKEL ASIRON también nos ha contado alguna cosa:

I like so much Ireland. I have been very lucky because my Irish Family is great!! Last saturday I went to see a football match in Dublín: Athletic vs Liverpool, it was amazing and I had a very great time. Jack is my Irish’s brother and we play a lot, football and other sports. We play with our neighbors, they are very nice too.
Last friday we went bowling all the family, it was very funny!



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