8 de Julio- 8th July

Ahi va mi comentario para el blog en ambos idiomas:

Just two weeks from the day I arrived, and only one week left.
First, I have to say that it was hard for me to adapt to a different family which wasn’t mine, but right now, I am very good and I feel much better. It seemed to me that I wouldn’t eat anything because I am a bit picky with the food. However, it has been the contrary; I eat everything they put in front of me and even more!! 😉
I’ve done lots of things until now, but to sum up I can say that I’ve gone twice to Dublin, I’ve gone to the zoo, I’ve been to Drogheda (a very beautiful town which I highly recommend visiting), I’ve been to the beach and to some parties at night.
As you know, the weather will be fantastic for this week so I am looking forward to new plans.
I hope I will enjoy myself! 😉

Ya son dos semanas las que llevo aquí y solo fata una para irme.
Tengo que decir que al principio se me hizo difícil el hecho de tener que adaptarme a una familia que no era la mía y a su vez a un estilo de vida diferente al mío; pero ahora estoy genial y me siento muchísimo mejor.
Pense que no iba a comer nada en tres semanas pero esta siendo justo lo contrario…. como todo lo que me ponen y incuso más! jaja
He hecho muchas cosas desde que llegue pero como no puedo nombrar todas ahí va un pequeno resumen: he estado dos veces en Dublin, he estado en el zoo, en la playa, de fiesta por la noche y he visitado Drogheda (un pueblo que recomiendo totalmente visitarlo).
Como ya sabeis, el tiempo esta siendo realmente bueno esta semana y es por ello que tengo ganas de nuevos planes.
Espero divertirme! 😉


I am really happy with my family and my new house. They are so lovely. I am very surprise because I am learning a lot and I can understand most of they said.
I have visited a lot of places with my family, the first day we went to the beach, the second day we had a barbecue in the garden with the neighbors and yesterday we saw horses race and after that we went to the pub and we danced and spoke with people and I made a lot of friends. you can see my new friend that I met yesterday!!! 🙂
NATALIA and Dan Ewing from «home and away»

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