8th July- What a great weekend!

Ya ha pasado otro fin de semana y no hemos parado de hacer planes y de disfrutar aprendiendo inglés! Está siendo genial!

Ana Otazu nos cuenta: «Today I woke up at 10 am, I went to the kitchen and I had breakfast (a full Irish breakfast).

Later, we went to the shopping mall in Dublin to buy presents for my family and friends. The shopping mall was really big!!! I had a wrap for dinner in KFC. In the evening I went to se Kacie’s friend and we played with her. It was a wonderful day!! I had a lot of fun!!! »
Igualmente, Telmo Pérez nos ha enviado esto para vosotros:» I like my town and i play a lot with the boys, I also have a lot of Friends in the neighbour…but I also like going todo trips and see my brother and my friends. I always play outside with my friends but sometimes we go shopping or to the park.»


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